hi! i'm alyssa.

A Wisconsin native with a deep love for dogs, The Office, and all things Christmas, and an unwavering belief in the Loch Ness monster. I dabble in other artistic mediums, but photography is my truest and longest love.

I’ve had a camera strapped to me since I was ten years old, but as I grew up (and stopped taking blurry shots of ceiling fans and frogs I’d caught) it became my passion. I love the way that photography can turn tiny in-between moments into something lasting and permanent and tangible. I love watching couples interact with each other in the most honest way, with wind-blown hair and smiley kisses. I love chasing after the best light and the most important memories. I love the way an image can make someone feel; beautiful, loved, strong. Maybe I’m romanticizing it, but photography has a pretty special place in my heart, and I adore sharing that with my clients.

 (photo courtesy of my best friend, Evan!)