Kevin + Nicole // Engagement


I'm about to share with you a session that so much blood, sweat, and tears went in to. Kinda literally. Nicole + Kevin were sweet enough to fly me out to NYC to shoot an engagement session with them in the city they've grown to love, and oh my goodness. It was magical. And also painful. We trekked around the city (FIFTEEN MILES, TO BE SPECIFIC. FIFTEEN. MILES.) and they showed me around some of their favorite hangs, and some new sites for all of us. I've never considered myself much of a city girl, but I can easily say I'd go back to NYC in a heartbeat.

More than I loved the city, I adored seeing the love these two have for each other and the dreams they're building together. It was such an incredibly special time and I'm still just so giddy thinking about it. I cannot wait until they tie the knot next year, I feel like the luckiest photographer alive to have such sweet clients!