Ciarra + Oliver // Engagement


I feel like I could retire happily after this pretty lil engagement session, but then I’d miss out on Ciarra + Oli’s wedding next year so I guess I’ll stay in the game a while longer.

The way they met is straight out of a rom com. Like, seriously. If I didn’t know them, I’m not sure I’d believe it. Living in San Francisco at the same time, knowing the same people - but their paths didn’t cross until they hopped on the same train in NYC? My heart can hardly handle it. But even better than hearing their origin story was getting a tour of all of their places in the city, seeing the home they’ve created together, and also…meeting their cute dogs. This shoot was just straight out of a dream.

Thanks for the adventures, you two. I can’t wait to do it all again in Portugal.

EngagementAlyssa Lentz